Elegant Themes: use Page Builder in the posts too

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Pubblicato Tuesday, Aug 12

Working on a blog with the new theme Divi developed by the team of Elegant Themes, I found a small absence. This theme, in the editing window of the pages, provides an excellent tool, Page Builder, which allows you to build a page with a completely customized using the many useful and pre-packaged modules.

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Everything works fine if only we’re editing a page and not a post. The wonderful Pete Molinero (from Lantern Studio) provides a fantastic plugin that solves the problem. You can download it from the following page: Divi Page Builder for Custom Content Types, install and activate it. Once activated you have simply go to the configuration page: Settings -> Divi Builder and check the types of posts that you want to enable to use Page Builder. In our case we select post.
Schermata 08-2456882 alle 14.20.40 Save the changes. From now on Page Builder will be usable even in the post.

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