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Elegant Themes: use Page Builder in the posts too

Working on a blog with the new theme Divi developed by the team of Elegant Themes, I found a small absence. This theme, in the editing window of the pages, provides an excellent tool, Page Builder, which allows you to build a page with a completely customized using the many useful and pre-packaged modules. Everything works fine if only we’re editing a page and not a post. The wonderful Pete Molinero (from Lantern Studio) provides a fantastic plugin that solves the problem. You can download it from the following page: Divi Page Builder for Custom Content Types, install and activate...

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Mac OS X: how to capture the screen (screenshot)

The standard method to save the contents of the screen (screenshot) is by using the application named Grab, which is located in the Applications-> Utilities. The faster and more convenient way, especially for developers, is to use some keyboard shortucts. And this is the topic we are discussing today. I write this article hoping not to forget me. shift+cmd+3 Capture the contents of the entire screen by saving it in a .png image on your desktop. shift+cmd+4: Capture the contents of a partial screen. Once you have pressed the key combination, appears a little cross with the coordinates. Hold down...

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Mac Os X: How to create a new text file directly from the Finder’s windows

One of the (few) things I miss from Windows is the possibility to create new text files directly within the Finder without having to go to the Terminal, or other gadgets. After several attempts and researches have able to assemble a workable solution, taking inspiration from the beautiful site of apple.stackexchange.com cousins ​​StackOverflow, a reference point for all developers and that I thank for the help. The page’s link is this: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/84309/how-to-create-a-text-file-in-a-folder?lq=1 Let’s start: it is about creating an AppleScript to launch directly from the Finder Toolbar. First of all, open AppleScript from Applicazioni -> Utility -> AppleScript Editor Now,...

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Mac OS X: How to change the default application to open file

Sometimes it can be useful to change default application through which open a certain file type. For example, you may decide you no longer want to use Preview to open the png file but the most complete Adobe Photoshop. You can do this directly from the window of the Finder window where the affected file is located: press the right mouse key on the file (or CTRL+click), select Ottieni Informazioni select Apri con section:, choice the application with you want to use to open the selected type file (i.e. .png) and then click on Modifica tutto… That’s it, from now on...

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